My name is Rasmus Cornelius and I love everything about airplanes and aviation. Yes, I love it so much that I have trained to be a commercial pilot and instructor. I am ready to share my great love and interest with you!

I provide you with good advices on how to get the dream fulfilled and how to get started with flying. So please contact me!

  1. 2014-Now Pilot and Flightinstructor, Copenhagen AirTaxi
    Pilot and instructor at the flightschool.

  2. 2012-2014 Student pilot, Copenhagen AirTaxi
    I was admitted to the school in March 2012.

  3. 2011-2012 Driver, Abildskou A/S
    Busdriving from Copenhagen to Aarhus.

  4. 2009-2011 Driver, Schmidts Turisttrafik
    Driving from airport to hotels and sightseeing on bus. 

Curriculum Vitae
(DK) +45 22 88 68 14
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